10 Best Arugula Companion Plants

Arugula, with its peppery flavor, is a popular leafy green in many gardens. Companion planting with arugula involves selecting plants that mutually benefit each other, whether through pest control, nutrient sharing, or other synergistic effects. Understanding which plants are beneficial or detrimental to arugula can significantly enhance your garden’s health and yield.

Key Takeaways

  1. Pest Control: Certain companions can deter pests that commonly affect arugula.
  2. Soil Health: Some plants improve soil conditions, benefiting arugula’s growth.
  3. Flavor Enhancement: The presence of specific plants can subtly influence arugula’s flavor.
  4. Spatial Efficiency: Proper companion planting maximizes space and reduces weed growth.

Good Companion Plants for Arugula

Overview: Plants that complement arugula often provide pest control or improve soil nutrients. Here’s a list of 10 good companions:

PlantBenefit to Arugula
BasilDeters pests
GarlicRepels aphids
OnionsPest control
CucumbersImproves soil moisture
MintRepels insects
RosemaryDeters pests
NasturtiumsAttracts beneficial insects
BeetsUses different soil nutrients
SpinachSimilar growing conditions
CarrotsEnhances flavor

Bad Companion Plants for Arugula

Overview: Some plants can hinder arugula’s growth due to competition or attracting harmful pests. Avoid these 10 plants:

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PlantReason for Avoidance
StrawberriesAttracts slugs
BrassicasCompete for nutrients
FennelInhibits growth
PotatoesIncreases disease risk
CornHeavy nutrient competition
CauliflowerAttracts pests
BroccoliCompetes for resources
PeppersDifferent water needs
EggplantsProne to similar pests
ZucchiniOvercrowds and shades

Vegetable Companion Plants For Arugula

Overview: In vegetable gardens, choosing the right companions for arugula enhances both flavor and yield.

VegetableRelationship with Arugula
LettuceComplementary growth cycles
PeasAdds nitrogen to soil
RadishesQuick growth benefits
TomatoesBalances soil nutrients
AsparagusDiverse root depth
Green beansImproves soil nitrogen
LeeksPest deterrent
Bell peppersNeutral companions
Sweet potatoesDiverse nutrient needs
MarigoldsAttracts beneficial insects

Scientific References

To ensure the most accurate and up-to-date information on arugula companion plants, the following scientific references were consulted:

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These references provide a deeper understanding of the interactions between arugula and its companion plants, supporting the practices of companion planting with scientific evidence.

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