10 Good And Bad Canna lily Companion Plants

Canna lilies, with their vibrant flowers and broad leaves, are a centerpiece in any garden. Selecting the right companion plants for canna lilies not only enhances their beauty but also supports a healthy garden ecosystem.

This article delves into the best and worst Canna lily Companion Plants, providing you with a guide to create a visually stunning and biologically beneficial garden space.

canna lily companion plants

Benefits of companion planting with Canna lily

  1. Visual Harmony: Companion plants should complement the height and color of canna lilies.
  2. Soil and Water Needs: Choose companions with similar soil and water requirements.
  3. Pest Management: Certain companions can deter pests that are harmful to canna lilies.
  4. Biodiversity: A diverse planting scheme promotes a healthy, balanced garden.

Good Canna lily Companion Plants

Selecting plants that thrive in similar conditions and offer aesthetic or ecological benefits is crucial. Good companions should have similar water and light needs and either enhance the visual appeal or aid in pest control.

Plant TypeBenefits
MarigoldDeters pests, adds color contrast
SalviaAttracts pollinators, adds height variety
ZinniaOffers vibrant color complement
HostaProvides contrasting foliage texture
LavenderAttracts pollinators, adds fragrance
CatmintRepels certain pests, attracts bees
CosmosAdds delicate texture, attracts wildlife
LantanaDiverse color, pest resistant
Russian SageAdds height, repels pests
Bee BalmAttracts pollinators, adds vibrant colors
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Bad Canna lily Companion Plants

Avoid plants that compete aggressively for resources or attract pests detrimental to canna lilies. Incompatible companions might also have contrasting water or light requirements, leading to an imbalance in the garden.

Plant TypeIssues
MintInvasive growth habit
FennelAttracts harmful insects
Walnut TreesReleases growth-inhibiting chemicals
CabbageCompetes for space and nutrients
Oak TreesDense shading, water competition
GrassesCompetes for nutrients and water
RosemaryDiffering water needs
BambooAggressive root system
Cedar TreesAllelopathic effects, shading
AlfalfaAttracts aphids and other pests

Canna lily in the Vegetable Garden

In vegetable gardens, canna lilies can be both ornamental and functional. They should be paired with vegetables that share similar growing conditions and offer mutual benefits.

TomatoesShared water and sun requirements
PeppersComplementary growth habits
LettuceBenefits from shading by canna lilies
CucumbersSimilar water needs, pest control
BeansNitrogen fixing, benefits soil health
EggplantShares sun and water requirements
RadishesCompact growth, space-efficient
SpinachShade tolerant, benefits from canna lilies’ height
ZucchiniSimilar growing conditions
CarrotsDoes not compete with canna lilies for space

Scientific References

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For more detailed insights into the compatibility and benefits of these companion plants, refer to the provided scientific references.

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