10 Companion Plants for Oregano

Oregano, a perennial herb beloved for its aromatic leaves, plays a pivotal role in companion planting, enhancing the growth and flavor of a wide range of plants.

This article delves into the art of companion planting with oregano, providing insights into plants that thrive alongside it and those that should be kept at a distance.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Pest Deterrent: Oregano emits a strong scent that naturally repels many garden pests, making it an excellent companion for numerous plants.
  2. Soil Enhancer: Its root system contributes to soil aeration, benefiting neighboring plants.
  3. Pollinator Attractor: The flowers of oregano attract beneficial insects, promoting pollination in the garden.
  4. Flavor Enhancer: Growing certain plants near oregano can enhance their flavor, adding depth to culinary dishes.

Good Companion Plants for Oregano

Oregano pairs well with a variety of plants, enhancing growth, flavor, and pest resistance. Here’s a list of 10 good companion plants for oregano:

BasilEnhances flavor, repels pests
BeansBeneficial for soil nutrients
BroccoliRepels pests, enhances growth
CabbageDeters cabbage moths
CauliflowerImproves flavor and growth
CucumberSupports pest control
GrapevineEnhances flavor, repels pests
PeppersBenefits from pest deterrence
SquashImproved pest control and pollination
TomatoesEnhances flavor, promotes healthy growth
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Bad Companion Plants for Oregano

Certain plants can negatively impact oregano’s growth or vice versa due to contrasting soil and water needs. Avoid these 10 plants as companions for oregano:

CornCompetes for space and nutrients
FennelInhibits growth, attracts pests
LavenderDifferent water needs, may inhibit growth
MintAggressive spreader, competes for resources
ParsleyMay compete for light and nutrients
PeasDifferent soil and water needs
RueMay inhibit growth of oregano
SageCompetes for space, different watering needs
ThymeCan be overly competitive, affecting growth
WatermelonDifferent water and space requirements

Vegetable Companion Plants Specific to Oregano

Oregano’s aromatic nature makes it an ideal companion for several vegetables, promoting their growth and protecting them from pests. Here’s a closer look at vegetable companions for oregano:

BroccoliDeters pests, enhances growth
CabbageRepels cabbage moths, promotes healthy growth
CauliflowerImproves overall health and flavor
CucumberSupports in controlling pests
PeppersBenefits from oregano’s pest repelling properties
SquashImproved pollination and pest control
TomatoesFlavor enhancement, healthier growth


Oregano serves as a multifaceted companion plant, offering benefits ranging from pest deterrence to flavor enhancement. By strategically pairing oregano with compatible plants, gardeners can harness these advantages, promoting a more productive and harmonious garden ecosystem.

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