10 Best Turnip Companion Plants

Turnips, known for their versatility and nutritional value, thrive best when paired with suitable companion plants. These companions can enhance growth, improve soil health, and deter pests, creating a more bountiful and healthy garden.

Key Takeaways

  1. Enhancing Growth: Certain companions can stimulate turnip growth through various means.
  2. Pest Control: Some plants naturally repel pests that commonly affect turnips.
  3. Soil Health: Companion plants can improve soil structure and nutrient availability.
  4. Spatial Efficiency: Strategic planting maximizes garden space and reduces weed growth.

Good Companion Plants for Turnips


Good companions for turnips offer benefits like pest deterrence and soil improvement. Here’s a list of ten plants that positively influence turnip cultivation.

Plant NameBenefits to Turnips
PeasFix nitrogen, improve soil
MarigoldsRepel pests, attract pollinators
MintDeter pests, enhance flavor
GarlicRepel root maggots
OnionsDeter pests, improve flavor
ChamomileAttract beneficial insects
NasturtiumsDeter aphids and pests
LettuceProvides ground cover
SpinachComplementary growth patterns
RadishesDeter pests, fast-growing

Bad Companion Plants for Turnips


Certain plants can inhibit turnip growth or attract harmful pests. Avoid these ten plants when planning your turnip garden.

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Plant NameNegative Effects on Turnips
PotatoesCompete for nutrients
MustardAttract similar pests
CabbageShared pests and diseases
CauliflowerIncreased risk of clubroot
BroccoliAttract pests, shared diseases
Brussels SproutsCompete for space
KohlrabiSimilar pest and disease issues
FennelInhibits growth
BeansCompete for nutrients
CornOvershadowing, nutrient drain

Turnip Companion Plants in Vegetable Gardens


In a vegetable garden, certain plants complement turnips particularly well. Here’s a focused list for vegetable gardeners.

VegetableBenefits to Turnips
PeasEnhance soil nitrogen levels
LettuceLight feeders, good ground cover
SpinachSimilar growing conditions
RadishesQuick harvest, pest deterrence
GarlicDeter root maggots
OnionsImprove flavor, deter pests
BeansNitrogen fixing, but space carefully
CucumbersDifferent growth patterns
CarrotsComplementary root structures
Swiss ChardMinimal interference

Scientific References

This comprehensive guide to turnip companion plants provides an overview of beneficial and detrimental pairings, ensuring your turnip garden flourishes.

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