10 Best Apple Tree Companion Plants

Apple trees, known scientifically as members of the Malus genus, thrive when surrounded by certain companion plants. These companions can provide various benefits such as pest control, soil enhancement, and improved pollination.

This article delves into the world of companion planting specifically for apple trees, offering insights and guidance for gardeners looking to enhance the health and productivity of their apple orchards.

Key Takeaways

  1. Pest Deterrence: Certain plants can naturally repel pests that commonly afflict apple trees.
  2. Soil Health: Some companions improve soil fertility and structure, benefiting apple tree roots.
  3. Pollination Support: Flowers and plants that attract pollinators can increase apple tree fruit yield.
  4. Disease Prevention: Companion plants can help reduce the risk of certain diseases in apple trees.

Good Companion Plants for Apple Trees

Plants that are beneficial for apple trees often deter pests, attract beneficial insects, or improve soil health. Below is a list of 10 plants that positively interact with apple trees.

Plant NameBenefits to Apple Trees
ChivesDeter pests like aphids
MarigoldsAttract beneficial insects
NasturtiumsRepel apple tree pests
GarlicFungal disease prevention
DillAttracts pollinators
BorageEnhances soil health
BasilRepels harmful insects
CloverFixes nitrogen in soil
LavenderAttracts pollinators
ComfreyAdds nutrients to the soil
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Bad Companion Plants for Apple Trees

Certain plants can have detrimental effects on apple trees by attracting pests or competing for resources. Here is a list of 10 plants to avoid planting near apple trees.

Plant NameNegative Effects on Apple Trees
PotatoesAttract apple tree pests
WalnutReleases harmful chemicals
CabbageCompetes for nutrients
Brussels sproutsAttracts pests
CauliflowerCompetes for resources
KaleMay attract harmful insects
TomatoesDisease transmission risk
EggplantAttracts pests
PeppersMay share diseases
BroccoliCompetes for soil nutrients

Vegetable Companion Plants for Apple Trees

Certain vegetables can be excellent companions for apple trees, providing mutual benefits.

VegetableBenefits to Apple Trees
SpinachImproves soil quality
LettuceLight feeders, non-competitive
BeansFix nitrogen in soil
PeasEnhance soil nitrogen
RadishesDeter certain pests
CarrotsLight root systems
Swiss chardLow competition for nutrients
BeetrootEnhances soil health
LeeksDeter pests
OnionsPest control

Conclusion and References

Companion planting is a sustainable and effective way to enhance the growth and health of apple trees. Choosing the right companions can lead to a more productive and resilient orchard. For further reading and scientific studies on this topic, the following references are recommended:

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