10 Best Bok Choy Companion Plants

Bok choy, a popular leafy green in Asian cuisine, thrives when grown alongside certain companion plants. These companions can enhance its growth, improve soil health, and provide pest control. Understanding which plants are beneficial and which are detrimental is key to a successful bok choy garden.

Key Takeaways

  1. Enhanced Growth: Certain companions can boost bok choy’s growth and health.
  2. Pest Control: Some plants naturally repel pests that target bok choy.
  3. Soil Health: Companion planting can improve soil nutrients and structure.
  4. Avoiding Competition: It’s crucial to avoid plants that compete with bok choy for resources.

Good Companion Plants for Bok Choy

PlantBenefits for Bok Choy
MarigoldRepels pests, attracts beneficial insects
ChamomileImproves flavor, attracts pollinators
DillAttracts beneficial insects
MintRepels pests
GarlicDeters pests
OnionsRepels pests, improves flavor
ThymeRepels cabbage worms
CeleryRepels white cabbage butterflies
BeetsCompatible root systems
SpinachProvides ground cover

Bad Companion Plants for Bok Choy

PlantReason to Avoid
StrawberriesAttracts slugs that also target bok choy
TomatoesCompetes for nutrients
PeppersSimilar pests and diseases
EggplantsCompetes for space and nutrients
Mustard GreensAttracts similar pests
CauliflowerCompetes for nutrients
BroccoliAttracts cabbage worms
Brussels SproutsCompetes for space
KaleAttracts cabbage moths
RadishesMay attract root pests
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Vegetable Companion Plants Relevant to Bok Choy

VegetableBenefits for Bok Choy
LettuceMutual beneficial relationship
Swiss ChardProvides shade, shares pests
CarrotsCompatible root systems
PeasAdds nitrogen to soil
BeansAdds nitrogen, provides structure
CucumbersProvides ground cover
ZucchiniLarge leaves provide shade
PumpkinsSpreads out, reducing weed growth
CornActs as a natural trellis
PotatoesLoose soil benefits both


For a detailed understanding of companion planting with bok choy, these scientific and gardening resources are highly recommended.

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