Eggplant Companion Plants

Eggplants, with their deep purple fruits and lush green foliage, are a staple in vegetable gardens. But what makes them thrive? The secret lies in companion planting. By pairing eggplants with the right plants, gardeners can enhance growth, deter pests, and boost overall garden health.

This article delves into the key takeaways for successful eggplant companion planting and provides a comprehensive list of compatible and incompatible companions.

Key Takeaways

  1. Pest Control: Certain companions naturally repel pests that target eggplants, reducing the need for chemical interventions.
  2. Pollination Support: Flowers and herbs attract beneficial pollinators, improving fruit set and quality.
  3. Soil Health: Companion plants can improve soil structure and nutrient availability, vital for eggplants’ growth.
  4. Space Maximization: Strategic planting ensures efficient use of garden space, allowing for a greater variety of crops.

Good Companion Plants for Eggplants

Overview: The right companions can make all the difference. Here’s a list of plants that positively impact eggplant health and yield:

Plant NameBenefits
BeansNitrogen fixation improves soil fertility.
MarigoldsDeter pests with their scent.
SpinachActs as a living mulch, conserving moisture.
ThymeRepels garden pests naturally.
BasilEnhances flavor and repels mosquitoes.
PeppersShares similar growing conditions.
TarragonImproves overall plant health.
NasturtiumsAttract and trap aphids away from eggplants.
GarlicDeters spider mites and aphids.
AmaranthAttracts beneficial insects.
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Bad Companion Plants for Eggplants

Overview: Some plants can hinder eggplants by competing for resources or attracting pests. Avoid these companions:

Plant NameReason for Avoidance
FennelInhibits growth of many vegetable plants.
CucumbersCompetes for water and nutrients.
CornAttracts earworms which can damage eggplants.
KohlrabiCompetes for space and nutrients.
MelonsShares pests with eggplants.
PotatoesIncreases risk of blight.
PumpkinCompetes for space and nutrients.
SunflowersAttracts aphids and can shade out eggplants.
WalnutsJuglone from roots can inhibit eggplant growth.
ZucchiniCompetes for space and nutrients.

Vegetable Companion Plants for Eggplants

Overview: Certain vegetables complement eggplants exceptionally well, promoting a healthier and more productive garden.

Plant NameBenefits
BeansImprove soil nitrogen levels.
PeppersShare similar growing conditions.
SpinachActs as living mulch, conserving soil moisture.
GarlicRepels pests, protecting eggplants.
LettuceEfficient use of space under eggplants.
OnionsDeter pests and improve flavor.
PeasFix nitrogen, enriching soil.
RadishesServe as a trap crop for flea beetles.
Swiss ChardUses space efficiently and adds color.
TomatoesShare similar care needs and companions.


Companion planting with eggplants not only enhances the beauty and productivity of your garden but also supports sustainable gardening practices. By understanding which plants to grow together and which to keep apart, gardeners can maximize their harvests and enjoy a diverse, healthy garden.

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